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Windows updates and configuring or upgrading to the latest operating system and configuring it according to your preferences to make it more convenient and to boost your overall productivity.
Defragmenting hard disk-
By defragmenting high amounts of data on the device’s hard disk, the data reading speeds improve, consequently ensuring quicker functioning of your computing system
Reorganizing the scattered data:
Scattered data that holds similar type of information needs to be reorganized for better accessibility.
Reviewing anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus definitions and software:
This helps to ensure that the system’s security is up to date and the PC system is well safeguarded from virus attacks.



One-Time Charge


    • Removing Unnecessary Programs:

Online use of your PC results in unwanted programs and plug-ins getting automatically installed. Such programs and plug-ins contain various malwares which can slow down the overall speed of your PC. We remove such elements to restore the optimum operating speed of your PC.

    • Elimination of Junk Files:

These files are created by the system and remain unused, acquiring unnecessary space on your hard-disk and causing slow speed. Removing these files allows more space and boosts speed too.

    • Fixing the Invalid/Fake Registry Entries:

Fake registries and entries disturb you and slows down your system’s overall working speed. Fixing it resolves the issue and makes the PC operation more efficiently.


  • Disabling Unwanted Startup Programs:
    This helps in resuming your PC instantly by disabling all the unwanted programs that increase your PC’s boot time.


  • Upgrade Software to the Latest Versions:
    Upgrading softwares to the latest versions is one of the best solutions to all software related issues. It helps in boosting speed as well as productivity.
  • Quick Repair of Errors Related to System Drivers:
    Drivers are components that let your devices communicate with the operating system. Error in drivers can affect that, which is why resolving such errors is very important.
  • Updating Drivers:
    Updating drivers per device updates and compatibility of your operating system helps improve the efficiency of the device-OS interface.


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